It seems to be that Saturdays are a date night and on the journey to love myself I figured I should take myself out for one. I even got all dolled up for it because let’s face it, I deserve to take someone awesome looking out.

Flying solo takes a certain amount of bravery, hence the red lipstick – I mean who is going to mess with the girl in red lipstick! I had also scoured my social media outlets and discovered the only dance worth my attention was in the city centre of Nottingham. I’m a self confessed country girl so added the red ribbon as extra insurance.

At 8pm I stuck my lippy in my pocket and car ticket down my bra – got to love the boulder holders – and headed into the city centre towards The Beach. This is a phenomenon that happens in the city every year for us centre dwellers that can’t make it to the seaside and I for one love the atmosphere it’s created. What incensed that atmosphere further was the event held by Todo Latino, an incredible dance company run by the vivacious Amanda Hawley. Amanda created an entirely free event which already made it appealing – salsa is not my dance and I was acutely aware this could have been a complete bust so was glad I didn’t have to invest too much into it, just my pride.

As I approached the centre I could hear the dynamic rhythm and quickened my pace. I walked the perimeter of The Beach to see what I was letting myself in for and then just went for it. I’m disappointed to report the security did not ask to see my ID on entry to this 18+ event.

I had decided that the evening was a success if I made it into town, then I decided it was a success if I at least found the dancers, then I decided it was a success if I could get one good picture, then finally I settled on there being one good dance. All of which was in anticipation of my failure. But fail I did not.

I got to town. I found the dancers. I took the picture:

I asked for more than one dance. The whole night was amazing and as the sun started to set over these sensational people I was well and truly hooked.

The music was resplendent and the people unbelievably kind and patient. My date and I decided it was the most incredible night and one we will definitely be returning to, because get this folks, you can go every Wednesday through the summer and again on August 18th. Let me know if you’ll be there, I like dancing and my favourite cocktail is the pina colada.

#dancinginnottingham #dancereview #salsa #todolatino #nottinghambeach


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