Does it take two?

I’m currently at another weekender and have a short break between workshops so using it to catch up a bit, don’t frettle petal I’ll be writing about this one too.

Today I want to tell you about my secret lover (not so secret after this!). My secret lover is untameable, dark and sultry. My secret lover is captivating and addictive. My secret lover will steal your heart and trample it in seconds, I promise you that you’ll never be the same again. My secret lover is Tango.

Really wish I could see the looks on a few faces as they read that; gotcha!!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Russell and Julie.

They are this quietly spoken couple, until you mention tango. Then there’s a fire that burns that is undeniable. And folks be warned it’s catching. I’ve done three lessons of tango and it’s grabbed my heart and run away with it. Now when people call me heartless at least it’s accurate!

Russell and Julie are fantastic teachers. They are patient but they defend this dance like a lover. They hold it precious and respect it for how beautiful it is. One thing I find really hard is being a learner. Getting things wrong feels like a physical pain, I’m not being hyperbolic though I know you think I am. The thing with Russell and Julie is they correct you with such kindness, I never felt patronised I felt empowered. I never felt like I couldn’t do it, I felt like I was learning. What an amazing process to be a part of.

I’d like to be able to tell you the reasons that tango is so good, maybe it’s the hold, maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the drama. Perhaps it’s all of those things. I’m not sure. I just know you have to try it.

And, yep I started a paragraph with ‘and’, because I’m working really hard on liking myself, believing when people tell me I’m a good dancer, I’ve got another video for you all.

I have so much respect for this dance but especially for the two people prepared to share it with me. Russell and Julie belong to the SmartDanceWorks team, just brilliant.


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