Good humans and oddballs

Making friends is actually quite strange isn’t it. You meet a human, decide they’re ok then spend more time trying to work out if you were right in the first place. Then, if you are right, it’s a double bonus, you’ve got a friend and you can rest in the light of your own glorious good judgement.

I’ve met some spectacular people whilst dancing, a few odd balls too but on the whole I’ve been suspicious that the World has some truly wonderful people in it. News flash: suspicions confirmed, not all people are absolute turds!

Dancing is my place to be me. At my very worst I put on the red lipstick and pretend to be a good dancer, someone people want to spend time with, fun, until I feel as though I’m pretending it less and being it more. Today completely out of the blue my friend Tracey messaged to say she had something to make me smile. It’s been a tough day so my cynical inner voice said “best of luck with that!” But my heart had room to hope.

On arrival at the dance venue she presented me with perhaps the most beautifully wrapped gift and told me it was a mix of reasons but mostly just because she wanted to. This is one of the good humans. This parcel was wrapped in a red ribbon which unsurprisingly went straight in my hair.

I carefully opened the gift, careful because the paper is so pretty and I completely intend to use it again- you could call me cheap but I prefer to think of it as being good for the environment. Inside were a brand new pair of dance slippers. My exact size and in my signature red.

Then as if this wasn’t enough, another friend looked at me with knowing eyes and offered to get me a cup of tea. And more than that, insisted that I drank it.

It’s nights like tonight that get you through days like today. Could not be more grateful for the good humans, and the oddballs, in my life.

One thought on “Good humans and oddballs

  1. Made my day to make your day! I was going to give you them for Xmas but couldn’t wait! and now knowing what an awful day you had had I feel so happy I gave you them last night rather than wait. Love you loads gorgeous lady. And mission accomplished to put a smile on your face! xx

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