Road trip!

Has anyone ever noticed how strange the hour between 5:30-6:30pm is? It’s too late in the day but too early in the evening to really do anything. You sort of wander through a time framed limbo until your actions are justified by daylight hours. Until that is you get a text asking if you’re going to a dance. In the interest of being a ‘yes man’ and living the life I have, I went for it without much thought.

In preparing for any event (by this point I was already on my way so less preparing than you might think) I always try to get a feel for how the night will go – completely pointless considering all the variables but I try none the less. On this occasion I asked about the three key points of a good dance:

1. The music

2. The dancers

3. The venue

This was roughly the reply I received. “It’s not as sulibrious as other venues but the music is really good, you can make your own mind up about the dancers.”

Immediately I was pleased that my t-shirt and fat-day leggings weren’t going to be frowned at and elated that I was going to have not only good music but really good music to play with.

I arrived at the uncelebrated Harold Club for my first ever Curly Wurly Sunday. Gary and Lisa have been asking me to try it for ages but it’s just a touch too far, or that was my reasoning. I was fashionably late (2 solid hours is still fashionable right??) but I made no delay in getting on the floor because the music really was brilliant.

I don’t like wearing my glasses, especially not for dance – they tend to fly off my face and finding the fun in the hide and seek portion of my life is definitely over so I leave them stowed in my bag. This meant that my first realisation I had friends at the dance was by hearing “slag” yelled across the room. I genuinely smiled, only a true friend would be so insulting. Messed up I know but reflective of the world we live in. So not only was the music good, the venue homey but some of my besties were in the room.

I love this girl almost as much as my red lippy. She’s epic as will anyone who has ever met her will testify and her being in the room made my night even more spectacular. And it was. My night was brilliant. It was really special to be the new person in the dance hall, to dance with people I never/hardly ever get to see, to dance to different music and still feel a part of the dance community.

Hats off to Lisa for creating a long lasting, fun, expressive, safe place for dancers. Credit to you lovely lady.

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