Small bursts

Unsurprisingly I was at a dance event this weekend. Normally I would be raving about the dances and don’t get me wrong the dances were good. However there were some little touches that I absolutely adored; they are my focus today.

When I first started blogging, I would regularly have moments that I would put in the arsenal of topics to blog about, the more I’ve danced it seems I’m less surprised by things so feel I have less to say. Until I had that familiar rush on Sunday I had almost forgotten the sensation.

I arrived at the venue and was immediately struck by just how pretty it was.

There was bunting and fairy lights. For those of you that haven’t gasped at that I’ll repeat it. There was bunting and fairy lights! How cute is that!

I love a bit of bunting.

After paying my entrance fee I was then told there was wine, tea and snacks in the kitchen. I smiled knowing the chances of my being catered for were pretty slim – I’m fairly fussy. But then this…

That’s my empty China tea cup and the vegan gluten free cookies! Score!

As I danced the afternoon away, the tea made its journey south and I needed to frequent the bathroom where I found this:

There was an actual chortle leave my mouth. I left the room keen to tell people what I had seen in the bathroom until I realised without the context starting a sentence with “you’ll never guess what I’ve seen in the ladies’ bathroom” is just a little bit dodgy.

The level of dancing was akin to professional and I felt very much out of my depth as I often do but that was not what I remembered from the afternoon. What I remembered was the little bursts of happiness that exploded in my heart. Just what the doctor ordered.

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