Perfectly Imperfect

For the messages of support from the last blog; thank you.

I went to some of the weekender mentioned previously and thankfully no-one spontaneously combust. Win!! Usually this would be where I would write about the classes or the freestyle, the theme nights or the friendships forged to last a lifetime. All potential blog fodder. Here’s the next big but… but I don’t want to say anything about that.

On the Sunday morning, I went for a run. I asked some of my room mates to come but unsurprisingly they were otherwise engaged in dreamland and at 6:10am who can really blame them. For a moment I played with the idea of going back to bed but as I hadn’t slept for the last 2 hours it seemed fairly pointless. On went the running gear.

I left the hotel and started the decent to the beach. This was my view and immediately knew it was much better than trying to watch the back of my eyelids.

I had in mind as it was Sunday this run was going to be a gentle one. I had another dance class and a drive to face so was being kind to myself. I stuck to that. I only did 2 miles at a steady pace but during my cool down the beach was just too inviting.

I figured I was going to sit, watch the ocean and listen to Oceans by Coffey Anderson, one of my favourite worship songs – click here for a listen:

But that’s not what happened. At 7am Sunday morning on an empty beach I danced. I forgot everything and connected again with my creator, singing and dancing for only Him. It was sensational. Not my dancing, I’m still a beginner but that moment.

I’m not sure how long I was there for, I definitely had as much of a work out as my run though! I reluctantly left the beach realising I needed to be back for breakfast but I looked over my shoulder for another glimpse of the sea – I’d seriously be in trouble as Lot’s wife.

What was a pristine stretch of sand had the markings of my giving praise. You’ll notice there’s nothing rhythmic in their formation, you wouldn’t be able to repeat the patterns and I loved that. They’re so perfectly imperfect.

In the Christian circle there is an allegorical poem called Footprints that teaches in our dark days when we are so alone, God carries us. I strongly believe that God planted dance in my life at a point I most needed it, I’ve heard it said you can’t start dancing until you’re ready and that was certainly true for me.

I’m not sure I will ever be able to verbalise what dancing has done, but I do know that it is a gift and one that I treasure.

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