But why dancing?

As a teacher I am used to being asked questions, I love the fact that most of the time I’m able to give an intelligible reply that satisfies the enquirer. On Tuesday I was asked a question that I couldn’t give an immediate answer to, in fact I had to do a little bit of research to boot!

A venue I attend is looking for ways to increase their dance numbers and I was asked for strategies that might produce this outcome. I have a small business elsewhere but it isn’t to do with dance so I am by no means an expert – I was flattered to be asked but I certainly didn’t know the answer.

Between us, we discussed a first free lesson, two for one offers, event nights with – even I have to admit – some fairly strange themes! But I wasn’t convinced this would answer the question. Herein began the research. I phoned a really lovely friend of mine and asked the $1 million question.

Why do people dance?

We started to discuss how we both started our dancing journey and shared some fond memories of being on the dance floor together in the early days. We spoke about how challenging and how rewarding dance cam be. We were unanimous on wanting more people to try it, but how do you get to that next stepping stone?

It’s scary to walk through the door for the first time, you feel silly when you don’t know the format and are desperate for the song to end when you have to practise what you learned. Why would anyone really put themselves through that torment? Being on the other side, it’s easy for me to scream how worth it dancing is, and promise you successes. Is that enough? Sadly no. From what I have found, I would love to be wrong, a person gets to a point in their life that dancing becomes their release, their happy place. It’s at that point they start to search out the classes, it’s at that point an appealing deal will drive them through the door. Until that point? I’m not so sure. A famous song says you can’t hurry love, I’m not convinced you can hurry people into a dance class either.

2 thoughts on “But why dancing?

  1. After being in the industry for decades, I’ve faced that issue many times. I feel that fear of the unknown stands in the way of some people getting started. That’s why I love having the opportunity to lay out what to expect from ballroom dancing in my Dance Safari blog.

    Any and all of the suggestions you listed would work to a degree. Just make sure there’s a good use of social media.

    I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you for this Barbara ❤ I’ve read your blogs and find them really informative and reassuring.
      I think social media is a big thing in helping venues promote themselves but until someone is ready to take the plunge I’m not sure what can truly entice them through the door.


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