Best medicine

This starts really sad but stick with me and it’ll be worth it by the end I promise. Big reveal and everything.

Allow me to introduce you to David:

In case you aren’t sure, he is the one on the right. The man. I don’t think he ever would comprehend his importance to me and for those who are observant you’ll notice the past tense.

On June 12th 2017 David took his life.

That’s the sad bit. Now the philosophical part.

When a dictator orders a soldier to kill someone, they’re going to destroy everything unless the soldier obeys, who do you blame, the soldier or the dictator? Arguably both are responsible but would the soldier randomly kill? No.

If you can follow the analogy, depression is the dictator and David was the soldier. I don’t think I have the capacity to blame David, I lay it all at the feet of his dictator, the mind altering experience that depression is.

On to the dance bit.

Dance has been and is medicine for me. I smile in a way I thought I’d forgotten how to. Case in point…

Shout out to Paul and Sarah for literally making my month.

I have become that person that triple steps around her classroom. Seamless link to the fact I’m also a teacher. As a teacher I try to be a good role model, particularly that it’s ok to take risks and be a bit silly sometimes. David and I were professional sillies. You probably picked up on that from the first image!

Which is the reason I dressed up as a farmer and did a literary murder mystery for my students. Did you realise that learning can still be fun? I believe a lot have forgotten that simple truth.

Anyway. This is where is all comes together. It’s a bit of a jump so take a leap with me.

Tomorrow I will be performing the international west coast flash mob with a cohort of students and teachers to raise awareness of mental health.

None of them have ever danced West Coast Swing before. They don’t have the basics even but they are up for doing it because, actually I have no idea why – probably because I asked them. It has the potential to go horribly wrong, it has the potential to be a disaster but whatever happens it will definitely be fun and definitely memorable.

My aim is that for a moment in time people get a taste of the best medicine in the world, no not calpol, dance. I hope that a cloud can be lifted and more soldiers realise that they can turn their weapons on the dictators, not themselves.

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