Think first. Or not.

Did you know an average person has 70,000 thoughts a day? A lot of them are completely unconscious, you’re not at all aware of the thought process but it was there directing your eyes or hands or mouth in a certain direction. Seventy thousand is a big number but sometimes I really wish I thought more before opening my mouth. My mum has been begging that of me for a while. Any day now mum, any day. I wish it for myself too but usually far too late. Like that moment when the words “I’ll do it” leave your mouth and you genuinely wonder why? What would possess you to agree, not even just agree but put yourself forward for something that with a little bit of afterthought you’d laugh at.

I’ve had a few of those in the last year. I’ve probably had 50 but I also have a rubbish memory.

Instance number 1:

The seed: it’s a fancy dress night

The thought: I’ll make my own costume, that’ll be easy!

The result: hours trying to work out how a chubby dancer is going to think of, design and make a suitable costume…

I don’t think I look too bad in this one and hopefully most of you will be able to guess the theme?

Instance number 2:

The seed: glam boots for dancing in

The thought: I can make those for less than a fiver, sure!

The result: scouring shops for shiny material and sticky velcro spending more than the fiver in fuel just to make some. Also realising I don’t own dance boots yet. Numpty.

I made these as gifts for three wonderful women and as much as they’re a bit flimsy and will probably break if you sneeze near them I enjoyed the smiles they provoked.

Instance number 3:

The seed: £16 from Amazon!! Don’t be daft.

The thought: it’s only straight stitch.

The result: realising someone’s bum is much bigger than it looks, sewing and undoing and sewing again.

It was in the name of charity and equally these were rescued from a charity shop so two charities benefitted from my complete lack of thought to make Full Monty trousers.

As much as the above pay homage to my utter naivety I often think far too much. The person that told me the statistic at the beginning quickly followed with “and I think it’s safe to say you’re above average.” In this case not actually a compliment because some thoughts are tormenting and nasty and don’t belong in our heads.

Here comes the plug for dancing – dancing allows the suspension of thought. Suddenly the noise goes quiet and what matters is the movement to music.

It also gives you opportunity to say some pretty dumb things like “of course I’ll do a showcase with you, that sounds fun…”

2 thoughts on “Think first. Or not.

  1. I am learning, sslloowwly, to not allow “I’ll do that!” To be anything more than a thought. It helps when I think about all the other stuff I have on. It helps when I do say it, and come home, and James says “No you won’t.” and I have to back track and feel dreadful; that helps me to not say it in the first place.
    But sometimes I do say it. Darn altruism.


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